Frequently Asked Questions


What is QQwik?

QQwik is a new iPad app that fills a niche in agility handler training. It gives the handler to fun way to practice course memorization at any time and any place. There are currently 100 course maps included in the app, with 4 levels of difficulty.  

You are presented with a course map and are given time to memorize the course. When the timer counts down to zero, the obstacle numbers fade away. You then tap the center of the take-off side of each obstacle in order until the course is complete. Points are based on memorization time, accuracy, and time it takes to complete a course.

Where do I tap?

For all but the weaves, an accurate tap is in the center of the obstacle, just in front of the take-off side. For the weaves, tap just to the right of the entry (between poles 1 and 2).  Accuracy is more important than speed, so it pays to take your time to tap in the correct spot.

Is QQwik available for the iPhone?

No. During testing, it was determined that the best user experience was on iPad mini or larger screens.

Is QQwik available on Android or Windows tablets?

Not at this time, but we'll continue to evaluate these platforms.

What enhancements are planned?

We're looking into providing additional course maps, as well as integrating the app with Apple's Game Center so you can compete against your friends. We've also spent a lot of time discussing how to improve the location of accurate taps; the developer is already working on this. Most importantly, we're open to suggestions from the users of QQwik. Please contact us at with your comments and suggestions.