About QQwik

QQwik was developed by QEI Technologies, a small engineering company owned by long-time dog lovers and agility competitors.

QQwik is meant to fill a void in agility training.  A lot of time and effort is rightly spent on training our dogs, and ourselves, on how to properly navigate agility challenges.  QQwik gives handlers a unique opportunity to focus on an often overlooked aspect of agility, that of course memorization.   With 100 course maps and 4 levels of increasing difficulty, QQwik provides handlers the ability to practice course memorization outside of the stress of competition.


Privacy Policy

The QQwik app doesn’t ask for, nor does it collect, any personal information.

If you send us an email for support, etc., QEI Technologies - the creator of QQwik - will only use your email address to reply to your specific question.  We will not send marketing or other promotional emails, nor will we provide your email address to a third party.

If you have any questions about this policy, please contact us at jerry.knaus@qeitech.com.